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The Government of Mongolia (GOM) with support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is implementing “Regional road development and maintenance project” (RRDM Project). The project Executing Agency (EA) is the Ministry of Road and Transport Development (MRTD). Under the project, the EA is seeking to recruit a qualified Project Coordinator for the Project Implementing Unit (PIU) who will be engaged on a full-time basis.

Objective of the assignment

The project coordinator will be responsible for the overall project management including technical tasks and coordination of the PIU work in project implementation. He/she will be responsible for the quality of technical, operational, organizational, and administrative activities of the project needed for efficient program implementation.

  • The project coordinator will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the PIU, ensuring consistency of the project, performing overall coordination and follow up of the project activities, providing guidance to PIU staff, coordinating project activities with other IAs and officials, and generally assisting MRTD in the successful implementation of the project. The PIU coordinator will be accountable for successful, timely, effective project implementation, and achievement of project development objectives. The PIU will consist of a minimum of eight professionals in relevant fields of experience.

Tasks and responsibilities will include:

  • Ensure and coordinate successful implementation of the project in accordance with the Financing Agreement, project documents, and all policies and procedures of the client and ADB;
  • Acquire adequate facilities, equipment, and other resources to ensure the efficient operation of the PIU and fulfillment of its responsibilities;
  • Manage and assist planned technical support packages within project scope;
  • Ensure regular monitoring of the status of project activities (through the preparation and updating of implementation plans and schedules, disbursement projections, etc.), including preparation and transmission of comprehensive progress reports as required under the conditions of the Financing Agreement, and other reporting requirements under the project (e.g., annual audits);
  • Ensure contact and communication with other entities involved in the project implementation to ensure cooperation and coherency in planned and ongoing programs, as well as regular exchanges of up-to-date information regarding the project;
  • Manage and coordinate project planning and budgeting including review and submission of consolidated list of planned activities and expenses to the Steering Committee on a quarterly basis;
  • Prepare and update project work plans (administration, survey, training, etc.), submit such plans to the Steering Committee and ADB for go-ahead, and ensure their implementation is consistent with the provisions of the project document;
  • Supervise daily activities of the PIU, evaluating performance and operating effectiveness (including ongoing staff performance evaluations and feedback), making recommendations for change as necessary;
  • Oversee the selection and hiring of short- or long-term technical assistance (for example, auditors, translators and interpreters, project management support, etc.) to the PIU, including approval of the terms of reference (TOR) and shortlists of candidates and supervise the work of such contractual assistance;
  • With the assistance of concerned PIU staff, develop and oversee the implementation of standardized administrative and operating procedures for the Unit, including, reporting formats for financial transaction under the project (credit and counterpart fund accounts) with the financial officer; procurement and contracting tracking system with the procurement officer;
  • Act as a principal representative of the project during review meetings, evaluations and discussions, hence, be responsible for preparing review and evaluation reports such as the annual project report for the consideration of the client and ADB;
  • Report progress of project implementation to the Steering Committee on a regular basis and ensure timely implementation of decisions made by the Steering Committee;
  • Ensure timely preparation and submission of required reports, including technical, financial, and project implementation reports;
  • Implement internal control systems according to the rules and regulations set by the client and ADB;
  • Monitor the performance indicators and evaluate the impact of the project activities; and
  • Liaise with and maintain close working relationships with all stakeholders (e.g., ministries, agencies, external partners, nongovernment organizations/civil society organizations) for successful implementation of the project.

Qualifications and experience:

The project manager should hold BS/MS in highway bridge engineering or lawyer related field and possess relevant experience in road sector and training in project/ construction management/ engineering design/ road maintenance/ procurement/ contract management (FIDIC), minimum 20 years of working experience in road construction industry or experience as manager level or chief engineer for contractor of construction or team leader for supervision consultant team or project coordinator of familiar project; have good knowledge of spoken and written English and Chinese.

If you possess the above qualifications, please submit a cover letter indicating why she/he considers her/himself suitable for the position, detailed public servant CV highlighting skills/experience, copy of diplomas or certificates, two reference letters from last two employers no later than 15:00, 05 Sep 2019. Only those successful candidates will be contacted. The application documents under the name of RRDMP/Project coordinator shall be submitted in person to the below address. The submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants. Incomplete applications would not be considered. If you need any further details, please feel free to contact us.

Contact address:  Ministry of Road and Transport Development, Government Building-13, room 406, Chinggis Avenue 11, Ulaanbaatar 14251, Mongolia Contact person: Bayarchimeg.S

Tel: +(976) 51263208

Ministry of Road and Transport Development of Mongolia Facebook  

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