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Minister Khaltar Luvsan visits Maritime Administration of Mongolia


Minister Khaltar Luvsan visited the Maritime Administration of Mongolia (MMA) on January 27, 2022.

At the outset of the meeting, Ms. B.Binderiya, Director of MMA, introduced the Minister Khaltar about current status of operations of the administration and their plans for the future work. She mentioned that there are 174 vessels and ships are currently registered under the ship registry of Mongolia. In order to improve the administration’s activities, the MMA has requested the International Maritime Organization /IMO/ to provide a training on national maritime transport policy development. If agreed, the training would be organized in June 2022. She further briefed that the MMA carries out relevant researches and studies on sea ports and dry ports and Mongolia has been allowed with access to 7 seaports in China and 5 seaports in Russia for trade and transport purposes. Currently, MMA is seeking possibilities to using other ports besides Tianjin port in China. She also highlighted the urgency of developing dry ports to lessen the negative effects caused by freight congestions at seaports.

Following the briefing by the MMA Minister Khaltar gave his policy guidance and instructions to the MMA, specifically to intensify its studies on potential use of other sea and dry port to mitigate over-reliance on single seaport and also stressed the importance of working together with union of freight forwarders to provide up-to-date information with regards to alternative transport routes for the businesses. He encouraged the MMA’s work on dry ports and asked to intensify work further. In addition, Minister expressed his safety concerns regarding the use of privately-owned boats at rivers and lakes and instructed stricter inspections, insuring compliance with standards and enhancing safety procedures at Khuvsgul lake boat services.    

Minister Khaltar Luvsan visits Maritime Administration of Mongolia   
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